#33: Unbelievable Day at Cruden Bay!

#33: An Unbelievable Day at Cruden Bay! 


How lucky was I to get to play Cruden Bay Golf Club on such a spectacular day?! I had played before many years ago, but the course was even more spectacular than I remembered. 

When we arrived, the weather was no where near as nice. Storm clouds were threatening and I was unsure if we were going to make it through the round without getting wet. I put on an extra jumper and braced myself against the wind. But how wrong was i?! 

This is the view down the first fairway and over the front nine: it did not look that promising (nor did my golf!)…. 

Cruden Bay has quite a history: its links land has been the site of Viking battles, burial sites and the old Railway lines. Whilst in the distance, the ruins of New Slains Castle loom large on the cliff tops having inspired Bram Stroker's DRACULA when the author stayed in the village.

But they say, 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so I am going to let the photos do the talking.

Here is the view from the clubhouse. It looks out over the practice putting area, to the driving range and the finishing holes. The weather did not look very promising at that moment...


This is the current Starter's Box, but it was the old clubhouse.  

We had a lovely warm welcome from the Starter and our terrific caddies pictured below. 

The building itself was not only the Clubhouse, but also was home to a golf club maker whose  clubs still adorn its walls. (Some members still have clubs made here and still play with them!)

The weather was still 'iffy' as we got to the fourth which is a blind par 3.

They have installed a 'stop light system' (for health and safety) since I played last. So we had to 'wait' at the red light until the green light came up. It was the first time I have encountered a stoplight on a golf course! 

I took a happy par away so the wait did not do me any harm! It seemed to improve both the weather and my game. 

And both just got better and better!

Here is a view looking out over the upcoming holes and beach. 

This is Alan lining up an important putt ….

"But which way will it break?" he queried.

Don't ask me: I missed mine!!!


But later we were all happily on the green after a blind shot over the hill…. 

(And thankfully, I did make that putt!) 

Again, it was such a lovely day, I just did not want it to end. 

So there were big smiles all around as we said goodbye ...

'Parting was sweet sorrow ….' "So why do we have to leave?!"

 Don't worry - its not going anywhere! And as they say here: 'Haste ye back!' 


On the Ladies section - they have a lovely locker room and it looks like an active ladies section. They must have some amazing golfers judging from all the tags on the birdie tree! 

Look at all those talented women!