#27: Forbes of Kingennie: Sunshine, Golf & More!

#27: Forbes of Kingennie: sunshine, golf and more!

We had an appointment in Dundee early Friday morning, so we packed our golf clubs and off we went,  as ‘Ladies of the Links’ do!! Once again, Hank begged to come ....

It was hard to way goodbye with him calling, ‘Come back! Don’t leave me!!’ from the top of the stairs. But it was a beautiful day and we had a meeting, so off we went.

After a busy morning in Dundee, we were finally able to head off to our real destination: Forbes of Kingennie. It is a resort 20 minutes north of Dundee. I had never been there, but heard good things about it over the years. It is did not disappoint.

It is a large holiday complex that boasts golf, fishing and more. It's well worth a visit. They were certainly busy on this day. It looked to me as if all the fishing platforms were full, the golf course was steady in additon to a wedding reception going in full flow. A typical weekend at Kingennie said the boy at the ‘Sportsman Centre’ told us.

We came for the golf though - but in addition to regular golf, Forbes of Kingennie has an 18 hole putting course they call ‘ The Cairngorms.' It was a blast! Here is Siobhan at the entrance: 

It is great fun, but a real challenge. Here are the greens themselves ... and their rules! 

It was a hotly contested 18 holes, especially with Siobhan having a hole in one on the 12th! But I took it down to the last and halved the match ...thank goodness!

The sun was shining, but it was a cold wind, so we bundled up and decided to go inspect their maze. Siobhan chose to go in for a better look and found she couldn’t get out!

It’s a one way system ....

So after a good laugh, and threatening to leave her, I joined her. Once inside we found it was a really LONG way around ... we got lost several times...

And went around and around .... Before we eventually found the exit! 

Here is the view from the exit bridge ...

As you can see, it is a really good size maze!

Next it was off to the course. The weather has been really wet, and to protect the course for the season ahead, they asked us to play off of fairway matts. Or, alternatively, we could hit it into the rough and play from there. We chose the latter as the fairway matts are no fun at all... on purpose of course!!

Here is the view from the first tee:

The course winds its way around the countryside with wide open fairways, and generous greens. It is actually very exposed, so the wind was making it quite cold. I finally managed to get Siobhan to agree to put on my wind trousers to help keep her warm. And I was glad I had not been playing her for money. Her game improved exponentially when she warmed up ... Funny that! But we both managed to hit some good shots, so it made the afternoon really enjoyable.

There are a couple of brilliant down hill holes, one with a wicked dog leg left. And then there is a very difficult uphill Par 3. It took us a bit to get our golfing brains in place after our ‘Maze Runner’ experience... But by the closing holes we were both hitting the ball well.

Here are our drives on the downhill 7th, where we were together despite me hitting a driver and Siobhan only hitting a seven wood ...!

I think she is definitely going to have to take up this game in earnest....

And here is the final hole:

A straightforward par 3. And, like most holes on the course, the green is protected by surrounding shallow bunkers. Luckily, we avoided them this time. And we left with par’s- the perfect way to finish a round of golf on such a wonderful afternoon.

As you can see, it finishes up near the fishing lochs. Here is another picture of one side of the ponds:

They are stocked lochs, so it is not catch and release. Fishing is one of their main stays and they are anticipating another good season we were told. Maybe the next visit there will be more time for having a go at fishing, but for now, this lady is going to stick to the links!!