#23: Bonar Bridge Golf Club: A Highland Golf Secret

#23: Bonar Bridge Golf Club - A Special Highland Golf Secret! 


Tucked away on the hill above its quaint town of the same name, is the Bonar Bridge Golf Club. Before the bridge was constructed over the Dornoch Firth, the only way to get to Dornoch and up the coast was via Bonar Bridge. But despite that increased traffic, Bonar Bridge always remained true to its unpretentious Highland Nature. The golf course is no different. It is unassuming and straightforward in its clubhouse and greeting.

But the course itself is unexpectedly brilliant. It must be one of the Highlands best kept holiday secrets!

We arrived late in the afternoon to find we had the place to ourselves. So we duly paid our green fees, deposited them in the Honesty Box and headed to the first tee. Here I am ready to get started. 

Bonar Bridge is not a particularly long course. It's nine holes with an extremely interesting and challenging mix of Par 3’s and par 4’s and one fantastic par 5.

The first is a very straight forward hole. Here it is - a straight shot at the mountain.

But while that view is not bad, from the second tee,  the views are unbelievable. I was speechless: the perfect Highland scene. This is it, down the hill to the second green framed in the trees below.... 

I had no idea the course would be so spectacular. Here the third which takes you right down to the water:

The fifth hole is the dog leg, up hill par 5 which is just amazing. It is 500 yards for the Men, and 438 for Ladies ... and you will need everyone of them to get there- I did!

The 9th hole is the Dkye ... the ladder is to access the woods, which are NOT out of bounds!!!

Fortunately, I was not in them this time!  

I played really well and had a decent caddy which helped a lot.... But don't tell him that!


It was just a fanstastic Highland evening.

We finished with the sun setting over the hills and the course. No birdies, but plenty of par’s and great fun.

I had started out feeling very tired. We almost did not play as I felt inertia taking over. And, yet, as I finished the round, I asked myself, "How is this possible?" I had been so tired, but now I felt energised and ready to go!

Golf has a funny way of doing that for me:  fresh air, amazing views and good company seem to cleanse my spirit and soul. I felt renewed, recharged and ready to take on anything. Another golf paradox for this ‘Lady of the Links’:  some might be tired after a round, but not me. I always feel invigorated, inspired and anxious to play again.

If only the days weren't so short up here in the Highlands in October ....

Thank you, Bonar Bridge — can’t wait to return!  


Golf Notes:  The Course is 4663 yards for women with a par of 68. There are trolleys and buggies to hire or it's a very easy course to walk.