#22: Auchterader Golf Club: On the Hill

#22:  Auchterader Golf Club:  On the Hill 


We played Auchterader on a glorious October afternoon. Seventeen years ago, on the eve of our wedding day, the weather was so terrible that our golf competition was totally washed out! What an amazing difference this year was from that day.... This 'Lady of the Links' must have good weather karma!

Here is the view from the clubhouse at Auchterader, 

As you can see, it has a beautiful view over the hills. 

I have to be honest:  I played really well, and the views were terrific, especially with the autumn leaves in splendour, but Auchterader is not a particularly inspiring course and not one I would rush back to play again. Of all the 22 courses I have played, this was my least favourite. 

The course is tree lined and tight....

You might think I did not enjoy it because, I did not play well. But that could not be further from the truth. Fortunately, I am hitting the ball fairly straight off the tee these days, so I did played well. I just did not find the course very interesting.

There were houses around the course, and as this sign indicates, there must be complaints about rowdy golfers....

There are at lot of bunkers on the course, especially around the greens. But there is only one terribly, nasty bunker (pictured here):

It reminds one of the Cardinal Bunker at Prestwick. Unfortunately, David found it!

But other than that, the course meanders around the hill side and brings you back to the clubhouse with a difficult set of Par 3's to finish.

Here is the long 16th par 3 - Gully Brae - at 185 yards it is a challenge off the tee!

The putting greens were in terrific condition. You could not fault the general course condition. It is a difficult course, but fair.

They said in the Pro Shop that there is a good Ladies section, but not too many play on a regular basis. However, out on the course, it was a lovely day and we did see quite a number of ladies playing. They also said they have a strong Junior section and most evenings during the week there are Junior clinics and tuition. James Braid had a hand in its original design, but it has since been re-worked and it bears little resemblence. Auchterader is not a member of the James Braid Association of courses. 


Golf Notes:  The course is 4987 yards with a par 70 for women. It is a fairly flat course, with not many hills to navigate. There are one or two ponds to look out for as well - but nothing too treacherous! Trolleys and golf buggies are available for hire.