#18: Culcrieff Golf Course: Golf with the Mountains Calling ….

#18: Culcrieff Golf Course:  Golf with the Mountains Calling .... 


Culcrieff Golf Course is the course at The Crieff Hydro Resort. It is an 18 hole course now, but the additional 9 holes were only added several years ago. Whilst the new 9 are strong, the old 9 (the back 9) remain firm favourites. Basically, Culcrieff is an outstanding holiday course offering gorgeous views over the mountains and the surrounding countryside.

David and I just could not resist getting out for a round today:  the weather has been glorious! I was really too hot playing golf - can this really be October in Scotland?! Here is the proof and we had a great round! 


Sometimes the balls were just off the green ... but David, like Seve always seemed to magic a par! Here he is on the third doing just that! Seve would be proud!!

The view from the tee: 

I actually got a tap in birdie on the 14th as well! 'Kail's Pot' was the nearest I have been to a hole in one. Here it is: 


It was a terrific afternoon and seeing as it's the '18th' round, it was fitting and proper that my husband should join me:  it made the afternoon all the better. And the birdie did help, too!