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#9: Aberfeldy Golf Club, the True Diamond

#9: A True Diamond on the River Tay, Aberfeldy Golf Club

It was another beautiful morning as we arrived in the lovely town of Aberfeldy. We made our way to the Aberfeldy Golf Club at the far end of town and I got a tingle in my soul as I thought of the illustrious words of Robbie Burns, Scotland’s National poet,
“The hoary cliffs are crown’d wi’ flowers,
White o’er the linns the burnie pours,
And rising, weets wi misty showers
The birks of Aberf[..]

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#7 Muthill Golf Club, the Jewel on the Hill

#7: Muthill Golf Club - a Jewel on the Hill

We left St. Fillans in search of more golf but got side tracked ‘a wee bit’ when I saw the sign for the ‘Famous Grouse Experience.’ I thought, as Ann had come all this way, she had better see the ‘Famous Grouse’ itself. Afterall, we had seen so birds on the courses and in the hills, it was time for her to have the 'famous experience itself....

Here is the famous bird with my car, who I affectionatel[..]

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#6: St. Fillans offers the true spirit of the game

#6: St. Fillans: a real gem at the south of Loch Earn

If Crieff is the heart of Strathearn, then St. Fillans is its soul. Legend has it that Robert the Bruce carried a relic of St. Fillans with him into the Battle of Bannockburn. And he firmly believed it was St. Fillans power that helped the Scots win the day. It seems that same power is still charming people today. It’s a truly beautiful course in excellent condition whose magic stays with you long after you depart.


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#5: Comrie Golf Club: Splendor, splendor everywhere!

#5: Comrie Golf Club: Splendor, splendor everywhere!

So reads the bench in front of the clubhouse at the entrance to Comrie Golf Club. Without a cloud in the sky, we began an epic day of golf at Comrie Golf Club.
Before we were even out of the car, we were greeted with a warm, welcome smile belonging to Ronnie Fitzsimmons, the Club Treasurer. He is a delightful gentleman who welcomed us warmly and sent us on our way to the unexpected joys of the golf course.
The course has ma[..]

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#4 Torwoodlee Golf Club, a real treat on the River Gala

#4 Torwoodlee Golf Club, Galashiels, Scottish Borders
I found Torwoodlee Golf Club through James Braid. When I first came up with idea to challenge myself to play 50 rounds of golf this year, I thought I would play only James Braid Courses. Torwoodlee in the Scottish Borders was one of the first on the list. But as I did more research, I realised that I really wanted to play other courses as well, not just those designed by Braid. But despite the change, Torwoodlee remained firmly in my sigh[..]

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#3 St. Boswell's, the Hidden Gem on the banks of the Tweed

#3: St. Boswells Golf Club

After the challenge of Cadrona and the wind, we decided to try what is described as ‘the most picturesque of courses on the banks of the Tweed...’ St. Boswells Golf Club. It is located on the road to Dryburn Abbey and I have passed it several times and always longed to call in for an ‘emergency nine’ holes. So today was the day, and it did not disappoint.

St. Boswells’ Lady Secretary Sue afforded us a warm welcome. It [..]

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